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Le sphinx (1995)

A school teacher falls in love with a stripper/singer. He even leaves his wife and children for her. He soon spends a lot of time at the club where he works part-time as the M.C.. But the owner, a mobster, interferes in the relationship which brings fear and violence into the game.

The movie Le sphinx, released in 1995, features 8 songs from artists like Claudine Mercier, Bob Harrison, Monique Paiement and Julie Boivin. What is your favorite song from Le sphinx?


Songs from Le sphinx

Name It
Claudine Mercier
Mal d'amour
Ir?ne Marc
La Lune et l'Autre
Bob Harrison
La Nuit s'couche tard
Ir?ne Marc
Pas de nuit dans la ville
Monique Paiement
L'?t? s'ach?ve
Claudine Mercier
La Nuit s'couche tard 'Disco'
Julie Boivin
Le Gars qui fausse
Fran?ois Asselin