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Lost Angels (1989)

Rich L.A. party brat Tim spins into a cycle of despair after his parents divorce, and trying to fill the void with drugs and trouble only buys him a ticket to an asylum. But with the help of a psychiatrist who has taken an interest in him, will Tim try to pull himself out of the muck of teenage rebellion and ennui?

The movie Lost Angels, released in 1989, features 15 songs from artists like The Cure, The Pogues, Toni Childs and The Royal Court of China. What is your favorite song from Lost Angels?


Songs from Lost Angels

Anything Goes
Mellow Yellow
Fascination Street
The Cure
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
The Pogues
Many Rivers to Cross
Toni Childs
Love Long Gone
The Royal Court of China
Do It Better
Happy Mondays
Self Preservation
The Overture to 'Carmen'
Get on the Snake
Let's Rock
Apollo Smile
Just Plain Evil
Soul Asylum
San Fernando Valley
Bing Crosby
The Night They Invented Champagne
Mr. Tambourine Man'

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