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Margot at the Wedding (2007)

Margot Zeller is a short story writer with a sharp wit and an even sharper tongue. On the eve of her estranged sister Pauline's wedding to unemployed musician/artist/depressive Malcolm at the family seaside home, Margot shows up unexpectedly to rekindle the sisterly bond and offer her own brand of support. What ensues is a nakedly honest and subversively funny look at family dynamics.

The movie Margot at the Wedding, released in 2007, features 20 songs from artists like Alice Cooper, Jack Black, Evie Sands and Dinosaur Jr.. What is your favorite song from Margot at the Wedding?


Songs from Margot at the Wedding

You and Me
Alice Cooper
Northern Blue
Romeo's Tune
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Jack Black
One Fine Summer Morning
Evie Sands
Goin' Down to Laurel
The Wagon
Dinosaur Jr.
Dear Mary
Steve Miller Band
See How We Are
Sunday Girl
Zane Pais
Everything Changes
Union City Blue
Easy to Be Around
Nothing Is Wrong
The dB's
That's All For Everyone
Fleetwood Mac
On and On
Michael Medeiros
Teen Angel
Something on Your Mind
Karen Dalton