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Matrimoni (1998)

Matrimony is a drama about the complexity of relationships. On Christmas Eve, perfect housewife Giulia Francesca Neri is worried about a family heirloom which has cracked and rushes to the junk shop to get it repaired -- little anticipating her perfect marriage is about to fall to pieces as well. While everyone in Bologna is making last minute preparations, Giulia runs into her childhood sweetheart, Fausto Paolo Sassanelli. The meeting rekindles old feelings and Giulia realizes that to create the perfect marriage which everyone adores, she has sacrificed her own personality. While waiting to meet her parents at the station, she climbs into a departing train and disappears. The family slowly disintegrates, as if she were the binding element.

The movie Matrimoni, released in 1998, features 19 songs from artists like B.B. King and Zucchero, Little Richard, Danilo Madonia and Aldo De Scalzi and Paul Racer and Matt Son. What is your favorite song from Matrimoni?


Songs from Matrimoni

When A Man Loves A Woman
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Let the good times roll
B.B. King and Zucchero
Tutti Frutti (1957)
Little Richard
White Christmas
Danilo Madonia and Aldo De Scalzi
Surfin bells
The man I love
Paul Racer and Matt Son
I'll be home for Christmas'
Smokey Robinson and Miracles
Merry Christmas baby
Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi
Santa de Janeiro
Green onions'
Finto cinese'
Tarentella della strada
For your love 'Mulata'
High flight
Tu scendi delle stelle
Raffaello Simoni
Astro del Ciel
Raffaello Simoni
Baby, it's Christmas

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