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Mr. Fix It (2006)

Lance Valenteen (David Boreanaz) makes a living as "Mr. Fix It," a man who gets hired by men that have just recently been dumped by their girlfriend. Lance dates the guys' ex-girlfriend and becomes the worst date possible, sending the girl back into her ex-boyfriends arms. But when Lance gets hired by Bill Smith (Pat Healy) to get Sophia Fiori (Alana De La Garza) back, Lance, for the first time, starts falling for one of his marks.

The movie Mr. Fix It, released in 2006, features 24 songs from artists like Sheriff, Elite 150, The Rosenbergs and Formosa Girl. What is your favorite song from Mr. Fix It?


Songs from Mr. Fix It

Southern Comfort
When I'm with You
Crazy In Love
Elite 150
Birds of a Feather
The Rosenbergs
The Dame in Red
Sweet Italian Memories
Latin Fever
You're So Sleazy
Formosa Girl
The Romantic Age
Cold Rock This
5G Productions
Crazy Jazz
Manhattan Hideaway
Triumphant Fanfare
Pushing Up Daisies
The Rosenbergs
Bulletproof Vest
The Rosenbergs
Blues Skies
The Rosenbergs
Holding Pattern
The Rosenbergs
Nothing to Lose but More Sleep
Victoria Levy
It's a Party
The Way You Look Tonight
Paul Sorvino , Lee Weaver , and Terrence Evans
She Does It in Daisies
Sea of Sin