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Nurse Betty (2000)

What happens when a person decides that life is merely a state of mind? If you're Betty, a small-town waitress and soap opera fan from Fair Oaks, Kansas, you refuse to believe that you can't be with the love of your life just because he doesn't really exist. After all, life is no excuse for not living. Traumatized by a savage event, Betty enters into a fugue state that allows -- even encourages -- her to keep functioning... in a kind of alternate reality.

The movie Nurse Betty, released in 2000, features 16 songs from artists like Della Reese, Slave, Gus Gus and Pink Martini. What is your favorite song from Nurse Betty?


Songs from Nurse Betty

Don't You Know
Della Reese
Just a Touch Of Love
Lady Shave
Gus Gus
Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que S?ra, S?ra)
Pink Martini
Poor Little Fool
Ricky Nelson
I Won't Be Home No More
Hank Williams
The Cattle Call
Eddy Arnold
Cold Morning
If U Don't Want None
Suga-T (as Suga T)
That Lonesome Moon
Willow Creek
Skunk Walk
Sugarman 3
Cuando Me Quieres
Little Lovey Dovey
Texas Joe
Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que S?ra, S?ra)
Emilio Pericoli
Double Cross
Sugarman 3