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O asymvivastos (1979)

A medical student (Pavlos Sidiropoulos) delays his studies to become a singer in this story of a man who follows his own convictions. He becomes a street singer and finds a young woman (Betty Livanou) he wishes to marry. After the two are wed, he returns to medical school to support his wife and family. He earns his medical degree and lands a job in a hospital. When he refuses to take part in the exploitation of the patients, he is fired. He opens his own practice but later quits when he is asked to participate in another fraudulent medical scam.

The movie O asymvivastos, released in 1979, features 6 songs from artists like Pavlos Sidiropoulos. What is your favorite song from O asymvivastos?


Songs from O asymvivastos

Ti na sou po
Pavlos Sidiropoulos
Pou na gyrizeis
Ston ypno mou
Pavlos Sidiropoulos
Kapote tha 'rthoun
Pavlos Sidiropoulos
Na m' agapas
Pavlos Sidiropoulos
Mi mou milas gia tipota
Pavlos Sidiropoulos

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