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O Bem Amado (2010)

Based on the homonymous work of Dias Gomes , The Well Beloved tells the story of the mayor Paraguassu Odorico, whose primary goal in his administration in the city of Sucupira is the inauguration of a cemetery. One side is supported by the sisters Cajazeiras. On the other, he has to fight against strong opposition led by Vladmir, owner of rag city. For lack of a corpse, the mayor can never accomplish his goal. Not even the arrival of Ernesto - a dying man who does not die - and hiring Zeca Diabo, a bandit killer, provide him with the realization of his dream. Odorico gun situations for someone to die, but the first body to be buried in Sucupira may be the mayor himself, that the hunter becomes the hunted and goes from villain to martyr.

The movie O Bem Amado, released in 2010, features 9 songs from artists like Caetano Veloso, Jorge Mautner , Thiago Silva & Nelson Jacobina and Leo Jaime , Selvagem Big Abreu , Bob Gallo & Leandro Verdeal. What is your favorite song from O Bem Amado?


Songs from O Bem Amado

Esta Terra
Caetano Veloso
A Vida ? Ruim
Z?lia Duncan
Nossa Can??o
Mallu Magalh?es
Z? Ramalho
A Bandeira do Meu Partido
Jorge Mautner , Thiago Silva & Nelson Jacobina
Jingle do Odorico
Thalma de Freitas , Nina Becker & Cec?lia Spyer
Cajazeira Tenta??o
Boogie Sem Nome
Leo Jaime , Selvagem Big Abreu , Bob Gallo & Leandro Verdeal
Chachacha das Cajazeiras