Songs from Movies

Open Water (2003)

Two divers are left out at sea without a boat. There’s nothing but water for miles, unless they look at what’s underneath them...

The movie Open Water, released in 2003, features 9 songs from artists like the Pupils of the Adi Cokabau, Lord Composer, Joseph Spence and the group Krosfyah. What is your favorite song from Open Water?


Songs from Open Water

Isa Lei
the Pupils of the Adi Cokabau
Hill & Gully Rider
Lord Composer
Lakonmet Dance
The Glad Reunion Day
Joseph Spence
Pump Me Up
the group Krosfyah
Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There
Shelton Swain, Stanley Swain, Ronald Swain & George McKenzie
I Ain't Got Long
Sam Green & Group
Ni Sa Bula
Yendisare Aimando