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Planet B-Boy (2007)

Think breakdancing died in the eighties? Think again. PLANET B-BOY is a feature-length, theatrical documentary that re-discovers one of the most incredible dance phenomena the world has ever seen. Originally known as "B-boying", breakdancing was an urban dance form that originated from the streets of New York City during the seventies.

The movie Planet B-Boy, released in 2007, features 9 songs from artists like Pete Miser, Mowg, Woody Pak , and IAMSEE, The Jimmy Castor Bunch and Flavio Lichtenthal and Adam Matta. What is your favorite song from Planet B-Boy?


Songs from Planet B-Boy

So Sensitive
Pete Miser
Planet B-Boy Theme Song
Mowg, Woody Pak , and IAMSEE
B-Boys Don't Stop They Freeze
Pete Miser
It's Just Begun
The Jimmy Castor Bunch
Little While
Flavio Lichtenthal and Adam Matta
Last Lights
When It's On It's On
Pete Miser