Songs from Movies

Pony Trouble (2005)

Corporate giant Megatoy sends a pair of documentary filmmakers into the field to see how people play with their toys. A lighthearted comedy about cannibalism, necromancy and plastic horses.

The movie Pony Trouble, released in 2005, features 14 songs from artists like Suicide Notes, Alien Skin, Cuban Space Aliens Destroy Earth and Freezepop. What is your favorite song from Pony Trouble?


Songs from Pony Trouble

I Was Born For Dying
Suicide Notes
Two Steps Back
Alien Skin
The Voices/ Becoming Physically Ill
Cuban Space Aliens Destroy Earth
Requiem For A Thin Man
Alien Skin
Through Sound And Motion
Alien Skin
Outer Space
Honey Time
Turn of the Century
Ashes, Ashes
Babe in the Woods
Lobster Building