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Pretty Cool Too (2007)

After graduating from high school, lovable geek Walter receives a cell phone as a gift which could solve all of his problems. It comes with a personal genie that could control anyone, including Walter's overprotective parents, his pesky brother, and sexy neighbors. With such incredible powers at his disposal, Walter sets out to make his wildest dreams come true.

The movie Pretty Cool Too, released in 2007, features 18 songs from artists like The Andersons, Amy Brassette and The Andersons, Ninja's Curve and Tattooed Millionaires. What is your favorite song from Pretty Cool Too?


Songs from Pretty Cool Too

Pretty Things
Orpheus in the Underworld
That's Pretty Cool
The Andersons
Ain't Cha Gonna Love Me
Amy Brassette and The Andersons
Pretty Cool Too (Sex Machine)
Ninja's Curve
Star Spangled Hammer
Tattooed Millionaires
Do the Jiggle
The Bucky Burrito Band
The Mood Boobs Song
Jesus in a Tortilla
Linda and LaQuita
Night on Fire
Hot Rod Rumble
I Gave You All
Little Blue Dogs
The Bucky Burrito Band
You Suck
Another Day
Dirty Dog
Feels So Good
Rita Maria
In This World
The Andersons