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Prey of the Chameleon (1992)

J.D. returns to his hometown many years after leaving Carrie at the altar. After their unhappy reunion, J.D. heads to California, only to soon fall for a woman he helps with her broken down car. Little does he know that this woman is a serial killer who takes on the identity of each of her victims.

The movie Prey of the Chameleon, released in 1992, features 9 songs from artists like Lisa Michelson, Mud Puppies, Aesthetica and Robbyn Kirmsse. What is your favorite song from Prey of the Chameleon?


Songs from Prey of the Chameleon

Be with you
Bad Man
We Need To Talk
Lovers But Not Best Friends
Lisa Michelson
In My Room
Mud Puppies
Mud Puppies
Broken By You
We Can't Lose
Robbyn Kirmsse