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Rhyme and Punishment (2011)

The gritty elements of urban crime and violence have always had an influence on hip hop culture and rap music. More and more, the trappings of street life have landed popular rap artists behind bars - and not just for a music video shoot. What happens when a rapper who has everything suddenly has his freedom stripped away and is forced to deal with the harsh realities of prison? "Rhyme and Punishment" takes an in-depth look at the role of prison in hip hop culture, and reveals the side of the story that is not being covered by the news and popular media. The true and personal stories of hip hop artists who are, have been, or are soon to be incarcerated, in their own words. Featuring intimate and compelling interviews with convicted rappers Beanie Sigel, Prodigy, Cassidy, Project Pat, Immortal Technique, Slick Rick and many more.

The movie Rhyme and Punishment, released in 2011, features 15 songs from artists like Prodigy. What is your favorite song from Rhyme and Punishment?


Songs from Rhyme and Punishment

Hard Headed Woman
Penitentiary Blues
System Crush
Por La Madre
Lara's Lament
Real Power Is People
The Life
My Baby Got To Go
Boll Weevil Blues
They'll Miss Me When I'm Gone
Standing At The Greyhound Bus Station
Lonesome Blues
Goin' Home To My Old Used To Be
I'm Here Now
On Parole