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Rock the Bells (2006)

An inside look at what it took to bring the Wu-Tang Clan together for their final performance at the Rock the Bells Hip-Hop festival.

The movie Rock the Bells, released in 2006, features 14 songs from artists like Easy Six, Eyedea & Abilities, Arcee, feat. Supernatural (as MC Supernatural) and Dilated Peoples , feat. Haj. What is your favorite song from Rock the Bells?


Songs from Rock the Bells

No New Wisdom
Easy Six
One Twenty
Eyedea & Abilities
The Exquisite
Arcee, feat. Supernatural (as MC Supernatural)
Speakin' the Truth
Dilated Peoples , feat. Haj
Eyedea & Abilities
Rondo Brothers
What's Golden
Jurassic 5 and DJ NuMark (as DJ Numark)
Chali 2Na Comin' Thru
DJ NuMark (as DJ Numark) feat. Charles Stewart (as Chalie 2Na)
Gunz Yo
Sage Francis
Makeshift Patriot
Sage Francis
Dilated Peoples
When Worst Comes to Worst
Dilated Peoples
Bang Dat Gong
Ming & FS
I'll Bee Dat

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