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Sarah McLachlan: Mirrorball (1999)

This video companion to the Canadian singer-songwriter's triumphant live album confirms in sight what that recording advanced in sound--Sarah McLachlan and her fine, flexible stage band have evolved into a superb live performing unit, breathing added fire and nuance into McLachlan songs that were already stunning in their original studio versions. Always a strong, charismatic singer, McLachlan now conjures a rare balance of delicacy and power, measured here in performances of signature songs that add a new, more muscular edge matching her band's rock firepower. Thus, "Possession" expands beyond its already sensual promise to touch on truly erotic abandon, while "Building a Mystery" focuses its portrait of a narcissistic poseur with a harder edge and a newly amended, R-rated lyric that's entirely appropriate.

The movie Sarah McLachlan: Mirrorball, released in 1999, features 23 songs from artists like Sarah McLachlan. What is your favorite song from Sarah McLachlan: Mirrorball?


Songs from Sarah McLachlan: Mirrorball

I Love You
Ice Cream
Last Dance
Good Enough
I Will Not Forget You
Sarah McLachlan
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Sarah McLachlan
Sweet Surrender
Sarah McLachlan
I Will Remember You
Sarah McLachlan
Sarah McLachlan
Building a Mystery
Sarah McLachlan
Do What You Have To Do
Sarah McLachlan
Path Of Thorns (Terms)
Into The Fire
Sarah McLachlan

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