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Sex Pot (2009)

“Half Baked” meets “Superbad” in this hilarious comedy following two young losers whose lives are unexpectedly turned upside down when they find some marijuana that has aphrodisiacal side effects. After deciding to use the wacky weed to their advantage, the guys meet an array of pot-loving beauties.

The movie Sex Pot, released in 2009, features 15 songs from artists like The XOTX and Dave Waterbury, The XOTX and Monica Salsi, Ghost and Darth Vatos. What is your favorite song from Sex Pot?


Songs from Sex Pot

The XOTX and Dave Waterbury
Truth or Dare
The XOTX and Monica Salsi
Elektrik Steal
Do That Thang
The XOTX and Dave Waterbury
She's the Devil
The XOTX and Monica Salsi
Reckless Love
Sterlized Love (Who Told You)
Darth Vatos
Stoned and Dirty
Okay, Okay
Divine Inspiration (Induldge to Excess)
In With The Brew
Darth Vato
It Girl
Rodney Miller