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Smoke (1995)

Writer Paul Benjamin is nearly hit by a bus when he leaves Auggie Wren's smoke shop. Stranger Rashid Cole saves his life, and soon middle-aged Paul tells homeless Rashid that he wouldn't mind a short-term housemate. Still grieving over his wife's murder, Paul is moved by both Rashid's quest to reconnect with his father and Auggie's discovery that a woman who might be his daughter is about to give birth.

The movie Smoke, released in 1995, features 10 songs from artists like Louis Prima, Group Home, Keith Jarrett and Screaming Jay Hawkins. What is your favorite song from Smoke?


Songs from Smoke

Brooklyn Boogie
Louis Prima
Group Home
Baby want kisses
Twenty Four preludes and fugues, op. 87 Fugue no. 1, C major
Keith Jarrett
Downtown Train
Sexy dumb dumb
Hong Kong
Screaming Jay Hawkins
Innocent when you dream
Cigarettes and Coffee
Jerry Garcia Band
Smoke gets in your eyes
Jerry Garcia Band