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Solkongen (2005)

While changing the pipes in the tanningbeds at Golden Sun, Tommy meets the owner. A middleaged former Miss Fyn called Susse. Slowly an unusual love affair begins. Tommy's two friends Ole & Flemming give him tips on how to give Golden Sun some masculine appeal. Susse just happens to have a sleazy lawyer that does not appreciate the new look.

The movie Solkongen, released in 2005, features 12 songs from artists like Maria Montell. What is your favorite song from Solkongen?


Songs from Solkongen

Look At Me
Dream on Dreamer
Maria Montell & Jorgen Klubien (as J?rgen Klubien)
Cocovardo (Quiet Night Of Quiet Stars)
Maria Montell & Jorgen Klubien (as J?rgen Klubien)
All This Love Made Me Blind
And So The Story Goes (DiDaDi)
You Belong To Me
Maria Montell
So Nice (Summer Samba)
Maria Montell
It's All Very Simple
Maria Montell
Life Can Be Light
Maria Montell
Top To Toe
Double Sugar Kiss
Maria Montell