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Sonicsgate (2009)

"Sonicsgate" is a feature documentary film exposing the truth behind how Seattle lost the SuperSonics after a heated legal battle in 2008. The perfect storm of corporate greed and political impotence formed to rob loyal Seattle sports fans of their oldest professional franchise. The team's celebrated 41-year run in Seattle included an NBA Championship, three Western Conference titles, six division titles and legendary players such as Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Ray Allen, Tom Chambers, Xavier McDaniel, Jack Sikma, Freddy Brown, Slick Watts and Spencer Haywood... just to name a few. As NBA salaries skyrocketed following the 1999 player lockout, the league's business model changed to require expansive new buildings paid for with taxpayer dollars. Seattle's KeyArena, built in 1995 as a remodel of the old Seattle Coliseum, just wouldn't cut it anymore according to NBA Commissioner David Stern...

The movie Sonicsgate, released in 2009, features 30 songs from artists like The Presidents of the United States of America. What is your favorite song from Sonicsgate?


Songs from Sonicsgate

Get Down
North by Northwest
How We Ride
The Truth
Trap Door
Get 'Er Done
Gangsta Boy
Kissin' The Curb
Dead Wrong
Get That
When The Beast Comes Out
The Weatherman
The Session
Nina Sing
Trouble Is
40 Furrows
Tobacco Road
Never Doubt Me (remix)
Bring It Back (2009)
The Presidents of the United States of America
Not In Our House
Bring 'Em Back
Evryday Bidness