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Spacebong Beach Babes (2010)

Alison, Brenda and Courtney just want to get high and go to the beach, but today Alison has to work and Brenda and Courtney are auditioning for a rap video. Meanwhile, googly-eyed marijuana bud aliens in bong-shaped spaceships arrive on earth and take the women's forms, fighting for control of a seed that will save the universe. Upon discovering the alien plot, the women are faced with a choice; fight the invaders or smoke more hash...

The movie Spacebong Beach Babes, released in 2010, features 25 songs from artists like The Alien Mike E.T.. What is your favorite song from Spacebong Beach Babes?


Songs from Spacebong Beach Babes

Glass Wind
The Alien Mike E.T.
The Displacement of Time
The Alien Mike E.T.
Ice Cream Paint Job
Jungle King
Cuba Libre
Squad Car
Cop My Getup
Cush & Cognac
I Just Wanna Smoke
Color The Town
You're Something Else
Cave Aztonish
Disentangle Thinker
Cara de Angelito
Que Viva La Raza
Johnny Cochran
Stronger Hash
Stone Dragon