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Stardom (2000)

A young girl is plucked from small-town obscurity and thrust into the spotlight of the glamorous world of super-models.

The movie Stardom, released in 2000, features 51 songs from artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Paul Mauriat, Econoline Crush and Landlerkapelle Scharli Und Seine Seebuben. What is your favorite song from Stardom?


Songs from Stardom

Work It Out
Drinking Song
Andr? Rieu
My Happiness
Ella Fitzgerald
Jgerchor: Was Gleicht Wohl Auf Erden
S?chsische Staatskapelle Dresden
Parlez-Moi D'Amour
Paul Mauriat
Sesame Street
Brake Dancing 2
Premi?re Ouverture
Follow Me (To The Other Side)
Up Jumped The Boogie
2 Tha Hardway
Le Th?me Main Mix
Le Th?me Electromix
Funky Daktari
Time Bomb
Church Exit
Liquid One
She'll Survive
From Bruce
Media Alert
Ice Breaker
Mobile Villager
Fly Me To Brasil
Disco Specialty
L.S. Dub
So Hard
Making Changes
Noel Coward
The Real Truth
Rendez-Moi Mon Enfant
Echoes Of Calcutta
Lady With A Hat
Come Join The Circus... We'll Accept You
Swirl Damper
MMS Intro
Sparkle And Shine
Econoline Crush
Im Chatzetobel
Landlerkapelle Scharli Und Seine Seebuben
Lo Lay-Lo Lai
Tribal Beats
Kuhglocken (Triechein) Alphorn
Indicatif Du Journal T?l?vis? De TF1
La Tranca
Les Dragons De Noailles
La Garde Republicaine

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