Songs from Movies

Summercamp! (2006)

Anybody who ever went to Summer Camp will surely be able to relate to this documentary. It deals with a few weeks at a Summer Camp for young folk, aged 6 to 15. We are introduced to the main element of the more troubled campers, an introvert, a bully,a passive-aggressive,and others.

The movie Summercamp!, released in 2006, features 15 songs from artists like Noisola with Ellis OHerlighy and Noisola. What is your favorite song from Summercamp!?


Songs from Summercamp!

The Sun
Canoe and the Creek
Gingerale Afternoon
The Whistlin' Wind
You Crazy Kids!
Colonie de Vacances
Noisola with Ellis OHerlighy
Le Moniteur Terrible
Lune Valse
Brass Digger
Rinky Dinky
Rock The Lake
Jesus and a Spider Are In My Sleeping Bag Tonight