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The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (1987)

The cuddly Care Bears and their cousins star in this charming third feature-length film incorporating characters from Alice in Wonderland. A young girl named Alice and the Care Bears travel together into the whimsical land of the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. In this magical story about friendship and self-esteem, they try to thwart an evil wizard's attempt to become the King of Wonderland.

The movie The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland, released in 1987, features 8 songs from artists like John Stocker, Colin Fox, Keith Hampshire and Bob Dermer and John Stocker. What is your favorite song from The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland?


Songs from The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland

Rise and Shine
Has Anybody Seen this Girl?
Don't Forget to Use Your Head
John Stocker
When I'm the King of Wonderland
Colin Fox
I'm Mad About Hats
Keith Hampshire
Remember to Use Your Heart
John Stocker
Eating with the Care Bear Family
Bob Dermer and John Stocker