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The Devil at Lost Creek (2010)

A child's wish unleashes the embodiment of fury.

The movie The Devil at Lost Creek, released in 2010, features 15 songs from artists like Raymond Castile, Jonathan Geer, Paul Riordan and Richard Cavagin-Carey. What is your favorite song from The Devil at Lost Creek?


Songs from The Devil at Lost Creek

He Who Gets Slapped
Raymond Castile
Horro I
Depression Song
Jonathan Geer
Old Miss Blues
Ominous Drone
Slipping into Something
Paul Riordan
Suspense Theme 5a
Richard Cavagin-Carey
Plains Song
John Geer
Cinematic 27
Jean Pascal Vielfaure
Scary 4
Jean Pascal Vielfaure
Scary 7
Jean Pascal Vielfaure
Simple Pleasures
John Geer

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