Songs from Movies

The Graduates (2008)

A year after her boyfriend dies from gun violence, a young woman prepares to graduate high school as she navigates an uncertain future alongside a community that is searching for ways to heal.

The movie The Graduates, released in 2008, features 24 songs from artists like Seth Freeman, The New Rags, Kojo and The Mad Tea Party. What is your favorite song from The Graduates?


Songs from The Graduates

A Vision Of One
Seth Freeman
Here Kitty Kitty
Seth Freeman
Get Offa My Case
Seth Freeman
Your Room
The New Rags
Lazing by the Swimming Pool
I Went Out
The Mad Tea Party
Move You
The Mad Tea Party
Every Way
The Mad Tea Party
I Never Was A Cool One
The Mad Tea Party
Show Me A Love
Maurice & The Cliches
Our Daughter's Wedding
Just Impolite
Lazy Guy
The Kudabins
White Surf Trash
Sex With Lurch
Learning to Sing
Sonia Montez
Peace of Mind
Uncle Mountain
Andy Morris
Surf The Seven Seas
The New Rags
Drinking Alone
The New Rags
Tokyo Cowboy
Sex With Lurch
The Garden
The Smittens
Kind of Zero
Joe Moore
Planes In The Sky