Songs from Movies

True Identity (1991)

In order to escape from the mob, an African-American man must disguise himself as a white man.

The movie True Identity, released in 1991, features 13 songs from artists like Salsa Picante, Ziggy Marley, Gladys Knight and Bernadette Cooper. What is your favorite song from True Identity?


Songs from True Identity

Porque No Unirnos
Salsa Picante
Small People
Ziggy Marley
Walk the Line
Gladys Knight
The Underground
Bernadette Cooper
If I Can't Sell It, I'll Just Keep Sittin' On It
Ruth Brown
Cold Gettin' Busy
The Fellas
Carver Theme
The Angeles String Quartet
Get a Little Stupid
The Chill Deal Boyz
Sir Lancelot
The FBI Sting
East Village Brawl